RSV4 RF 2015 WSBK  (Size 1/12 remodeling parts set for TAMIYA)
 MK12070-M RSV4 RF 2015 WSBK MISANO #3Max Biaggi

*** Painted ***
Red and some of green.
Some sticks masking sheet.
MK12070-S RSV4 RF 2015 WSBK SEPAN #3Max Biaggi
*** Painted ***
Some of red.
Some sticks masking sheet.
 MK12070-W RSV4 RF 2015 WSBK #91LeonHaslam , #81 Jordi Torres
*** Painted ***
Red and some of silver.
Some sticks masking sheet.
This is a newly produced the 3D parts for 2015.
Upper cowl, screen, seat cowl, rear fender, also swing arm, etc. it has been remodeled in 2015 version.
 In the person of purchase shop we'll give the spare decal of the purchased product.
*** About CGM model *** 

This kit is a personal-made work.
It is a kit for advanced users.
There are air bubbles. You need to fix it.
Please refer to the adequate provisional assembly.
*** Decal *** 

MD print decal
Not silkscreen print.
*** Other required parts *** 

*** The Contents of a kit *** 
Muffler and the screen is set to other than the contents of the photos. Etching sheet
 Paper sheet pad and rubber sheet for Sheets palette
Masking paper for painted
Assembling instructions
Decal guide