1/24 2021 S-GT GT300 Remodeling Parts Set for TAMIYA AMG

14,800 JPY

No.50 Arnage for TAMIYA AMG   Masaki Kano / Masataka Yanagida
No.65 LEON 20th for TAMIYA AMG  Naoya Gamo / Tougo Suganami

set content

*Rezin Parts
 Light parts
 Front bumper
 Rear bumper
 Front grill
*TWS Type Wheel
*MD Print Decal
*Manual / reference photo
1/24 2021 S-GT GT300 Remodeling Parts Setfor PLATZ Audi R8

12,600 JPY

No.6 Team LeMans for PLATZ Audi R8  Satoshi Motoyama / Yoshiaki Katayama
No.21 Hitotsuyama for PLATZ Audi R8   Shintaro Kawabata / Takuro Fujiwara

 set content

 *MD Print Decal
 *Rezin Parts
 *RAYS Type Whee
 *Manual / reference photo
 1/24 2021 S-GT GT300 Decal&Wheel Set No.7 for PLAZ NuNu BMW

7,100 JPY

No.7 Studie PLUS BMW  Seiji Ara / Mitsuhide Yamaguchi

 set content

 *MD Print Decal
 *BBS Type Whee
 *Manual / reference photo
*** About this kit *** 

Plastic bike models are not included.

This kit is a personal-made work.
It is a kit for advanced users.
There are air bubbles. You need to fix it.
Please refer to the adequate provisional assembly

*** Decal *** 

The decal is MD printer printing decal and Color Laser Printerprinting deca.
Not silkscreen print.