MK12089-15 GSX-RR 2015 MotoGP Sachsenring&Indianapolis   19,000JPY
*** About this kit *** 

GSX-RR 2015 MotoGP Sachsenring&Indianapolis

There are decals for numbers 25 and 41.
Either can be produced.

25 exclusive parts are included.
41 exclusive parts are not included.

Plastic bike models are not included.

This kit is a personal-made work.
It is a kit for advanced users.
There are air bubbles. You need to fix it.
Please refer to the adequate provisional assembly

★ Bonus towards the purchase in e-MODULO ★
 However, there are conditions. It is not a benefit that all purchasers can get.
・Spare decal 1 sheet
*** Decal *** 

The decal is MD printer printing decal and Color Laser Printerprinting deca.
Not silkscreen print.

*** Resin parts   *** for 2015

*** things necessary ***

TAMIYA HONDA RC213V (Some of the parts in it)
TAMIYA KAWASAKI H2R 17Inch Slick tire
*** Othsr ***

Assembling instructions
Marking Guide
Rubber sheet for sheet pad &Pattern paper
3D digital parts